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Camil Alassan M.ED

           With over 15 years of education experience, Camil Alassan currently teaches African American History at Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy Middle School (HCZ). More than just a teacher at HCZ, Mr. Alassan wears many hats and is responsible for planning trips, coordinating events, and  facilitating programs offered by outside vendors. He is also the 7th and 8th grade team leader, member of the teacher mentor and mentee program, and responsible for implementing student programs such as the Promise Academy Boys Group, Thurgood Marshall Mock Trials and Junior Ambassadors for the United Nations.

          “One of my favorite quotes is by Phil Colins and it goes, ‘By learning you will teach, teaching you will understand’. I understand that children need education to become successful. The act of learning is a skill that must be cultivated through a person's life. This philosophy is what drives my passion to pursue education; and in this age of technology, we must explore new ways to educate and inspire children.

          Mr. Alassan earned a Bachelor’s degree from Lehman College in History and Social Studies Middle School education.  He also holds a Masters in Education from Relay Graduate School of Education. In his spare time, Mr. Alassan  volunteers to organize toy drives and fund raising events as a member of Groove Phi Groove - an organization that promotes community development and higher education for young men of color.


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